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  Foreigners whotry tostay inJapan,itdoes not correspond toany of the27 types ofvisa statuswill not be.
Thisvisais given by theissuance of a"Certificate of Eligibility"wasdepending on therelationship between theactivities andstatusofresidence.
Also,foreigners whoare staying inJapanalready, you need to makethe change of status of residenceandan extension of such period, thevarious applications, such as re-entry permit, you haveto obtain a visathat suits your purpose.
You must make surethe requirementsfirmlyTherefore,collectingthe necessary documents, to create andpasstheexamination.
There are, however,that the documentthat isrequired depends onthe current situation, such as career andthose whoareto apply, you are required to submitdocumentsto thewebsiteof the Immigration Bureauhas not been described.
Ibecomevery unfavorableandthere is nodocumentsfor these.
For example, when you get the spousevisa, letterandtelephone recordsto provethe facts of theexchangeis not able tosubmit, you will beat a disadvantage.
To be madestrictlyon theexaminationofthe Immigration Bureauapplicantmust be carefullyformal, interms of content.

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